25. August 2020|In Wolf protection

A family from the Świętokrzyska Forest is in good shape

In July, a forest worker encountered several wolf pups on one of the forest roads of the Świętokrzyska Forest. According to him, there were as many as nine of them. On August 1, we managed to get a spectacular response to our wolf howls from the Forest. Five adult wolves responded. Howls were coming from distinguishable directions – the difference between the extreme individuals was as much as 90 degrees. After a while, the pups also started howling. It was hard to count how many – they were howling from one direction – but you could distinguish at least the first four phases. In the first weeks, we managed to record several adult wolves and pups from this family in a photo-trap. In one video sequence, there were up to two pups appearing simultaneously.

Roman Gula and Artur Milanowski