Our vision

A world in which all living beings on Earth live in peaceful coexistence and lead a healthy, dignified life in harmony with nature.

Our strategy

Species extinction worldwide is progressing at a rapid pace – part of a catastrophic imbalance of the environment. The drastic decline and extinction of species and wild areas that are part of our planet’s diverse and complex ecosystem have serious consequences for all living beings. Natural ecosystems – the basis of our existence – are perishing.

We want to stop this alarming development.

As a result, in 2011, we established the SAVE Fund in Poland. We want to stop wildlife degradation and implement projects, which protect species. Our experiences since then have taught us, in particular to respect the natural ecosystems. We also realized that species conservation is inseparably linked to development work and education. This is the basis of all our work and strategy.

SAVE Wildlife Icon Ansatz

How do we work?

The SAVE Fund projects include monitoring, education, scientific research, and promoting the civic involvement in nature conservation. We also want to influence the governments and consumers and encourage them to take more responsibility for the environmental consequences of their actions.

We are confident that only by collaborating with local communities and governments will we implement effective solutions, which protect wildlife in Poland. We are open to new projects, cooperation, or financial support. Work with us – we are waiting for you!

Our approach

Species conservation through education and development work – all our projects are based on this approach. We work hand in hand with the people in the affected regions and enable income-generating measures where they are needed. With our educational projects, we build bridges to future generations – so that nature and species conservation become a natural part of life again.



We act with respect, goodwill, kindness as well as reliability in all our relationships and communication.


We want to move in a good direction; this is our motivation and the ground of our work.


We stand by our word and keep the promises.

Development of potential

We experience our diversity as enrichment. We appreciate every contribution to our projects because we believe that it has the potential to strengthen the whole, whether in Africa, Asia or Europe.


We act in accordance with our values, convictions and needs. We present an honest and coherent image of the SAVE Fund. We are true to ourselves and respect the integrity and dignity of our partners, donors and employees.