Rainforest protection

Rainforest protection

Our green lungs

According to the Global Forest Watch, as much as 3.8 million hectares of rainforests disappeared from our planet in 2019!
These areas are unique ecosystems and one of the greatest biodiversities on Earth.

Why is so much rainforest cleared every year?

Tropical rainforests provide timber and other natural resources.

Forests are also cleared to create new land for livestock and farming, including palm oil plantations, and to build up roads and infrastructure necessary to transport goods.

As a result of these activities, many species inhabiting rainforests are losing their habitats and the food they need to survive. The carbon stored in plants is released into the atmosphere, accelerating climate change. In addition, deforestation causes desertification and disruption of water management systems.

How does the SAVE Fund support the protection of tropical rainforests from overexploitation?

• the SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund raises awareness on the sustainable use of natural resources by educating the public, putting pressure on political environments and informing companies about the effects of deforestation and the alternatives to palm oil

• the SAVE Fund supports local organizations, which work in rainforest areas


As part of the Friends of the Orangutans for Hutanriau Foundation project in Indonesia, since 2018, we have been supporting the protection of rainforests in Sumatra and the strengthening and development of the Riau community by promoting and educating local communities on agroforestry. As a result, the local population can become independent from palm oil cultivation in the long perspective.

Additionally, the villagers receive free seedlings to create tree on an area of 1,200 hectares in the village of Air Buluh in Riu province. 



In cooperation with the Cameroon environmental organization SEFE, the SAVE Fund is involved in the protection of rainforests in Cameroon and the prevention of the emergence of palm oil plantations planned mainly by foreign investors.

Since 2011, the US investor Heracles has attempted to clear approximately 73,000 hectares of rainforest in Cameroon to use the land for palm oil plantations – despite opposition from the local population, whose land and, thereby, livelihoods were illegally taken away.

For this reason, from the very beginning, we were involved in protests against palm oil plantations. We also conducted educational activities about the ecological and social consequences of planned logging. Additionally, the SAVE Fund participated in research on the ecological classification of the affected areas, during which its high biological value was proven. Thanks to local and global initiatives, the logging of rainforests by Heracles has been stopped!

Help us protect the rainforests

We cannot allow for biodiversity loss in these invaluable ecosystems