ELEPHANT protection

ELEPHANT protection

In 100 years, we lost as many as 90% of the elephants!

The African elephant is the world’s largest living land mammal. These big animals are the icon of the African landscape, and because of their size, they have no natural enemies.  The degradation of their habitats, long periods of drought and poaching are the main challenges that threaten these mammals.
If we do not act, elephants will disappear from the Earth in the next 20 years.

These animals play an essential role in their ecosystems – their eating habits contribute to the rejuvenation of vegetation and the propagation of plant life.

African animals
African elephants

How does the SAVE Fund protect these majestic animals?

In Northeast Botswana, we are working to create, restore and maintain wildlife corridors. This contributes to a significant reduction in conflicts with local communities and enables safe migrations of elephants.

In cooperation with the Department of Wildlife and National Parks in Botswana in the summer of 2020, we equipped and renewed a waterhole for elephants. Work included cleaning, re-casing, covering the wellhead, replacing 1,000 meters of pipeline between the well and the watering hole, registering the well, installing a new solar-powered well-head high-capacity pump, and a solar-powered electric fence to protect equipment around the well. Because of this, the 80-kilometer wildlife corridor between the Okavango Delta and the Makgadikgadi Pan was revived, and wild animals again gained access to the neighboring national park.

This is possible because of your support. Thank you for your help!


Mr. Kebadiretse Mosepele, the Department employee expressed his gratitude for the rehabilitation of the watering hole: “It came just at the right time! … Not only does it help the animals, but it can also generate revenue as a tourist attraction. Since the water started flowing again, not only elephants but also giraffes, lions and other wild animals drink there”.

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