Sustainable cooperation

Cooperation with the SAVE Fund is a long-term investment in species conservation and the future of humanity. Your support enables the establishment of educational centers, the development of ecologically sustainable entrepreneurial activities, scientific research, and educational campaigns on the protection measures for wildlife and its habitats.

Proposed forms of cooperation

  • Financial donations and non-cash contributions
  • Services
  • Cause-related marketing – donating a fixed percentage of profits from selling the products
  • Employee volunteering programmes
  • Payroll – donating a certain amount of money from the payroll of the company’s employees to the SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund

How can cooperation with us benefit you and your business?

  • Your donation supports a sustainable future

  • Your involvement in professional community projects is a valuable element for your image and reputation both among external stakeholders and associates
  • Investing in community projects will also help attract and retain customers and can help open the door for the development of relationships with key stakeholders
  • You will regularly receive from us information on the progress of the projects that you support or are interested in. Upon request, you will receive our newsletter by e-mail and/or our bulletin by mail
  • Your charitable work will provide additional informational content for your website and social media
  • We will list your organization on our website in a visible place
  • You will be able to visit our projects in the place of their implementation (Botswana, Borneo, Poland)
  • Involvement in the cooperation of your company’s employees will develop their important competencies, including teamwork, creativity and a proactive attitude

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How can you contact us?

If, as an employee or owner of the company, you want to develop strategic cooperation with the SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund, please contact us: