21. December 2020|In Wolf protection, Wolf Bartek

Bartek - a wolf from the Świętokrzyska Forest

On Monday, November 30, we managed to catch the second wolf this year. This time it was a 4-year-old male. He weighed 37 kg and was in good shape. The tracks around the trapping site indicated that the wolf was not alone. Several other individuals accompanied him. A trail in the snow indicated that one of them was lying a few meters from the captured wolf. After putting on the telemetry collar, the wolf woke up quickly, left and hid in a nearby coppice. After a dozen or so hours, he started patrolling the Świętokrzyska Forest. We suspect that he has already joined his family, but we are unsure because of the lack of snow cover. We named him Bartek, in honor of the oldest oak in Poland, growing on the southern edge of the Świętokrzyska Forest.

Text: Roman Gula and Artur Milanowski. Photo report: Jacek Major