7. October 2020|In Wolf protection, Movies

New information about wolves from Lipie

We have been monitoring wolves in the Lipie forest complex for several years, between Starachowice and Skarżysko-Kamienna. According to the information received from foresters, the first wolves appeared in this area about 9 years ago. In the spring of this year, we were able to confirm wolves’ presence in this complex for the first time (note from April 17), and in the summer prove their reproduction (notes from July 15 and August 27). On October 5, after a periodic inspection of the area and collecting cards from photo-traps, it turned out that the Leipzig family now consists of 6 individuals – 2 this year’s pups and 4 adult individuals. In the video that I assembled from the photo-trap material, you can see adult wolves and pups that are as tall as adults, but in the “soul” they are still “kids”. They like to play – in this case, with our photo trap, which luckily they did not destroy.
Two days later, about 2.5 km from the place where the photo trap registered 6 individuals, a group of 5 individuals was recorded: 4 adults and one this-year’s pup.

Jacek Major