11. March 2021|In Wolf protection

Parents from the Ilzecka Forest

This year’s winter allowed me to quite accurately count the wolves in the Ilzecka Forest. I wrote about the tracking results in my notes on 10th and 15th February. Wolves also recorded in photo-traps as many as 11 times, and they were in groups of 2 to 6 individuals. Looking carefully at these recordings, I was convinced that I recognized the female (time 5s, 15s, 31s, 1 min 19s, 2 min 3s and 2 min 08s). Another wolf that I believe I recognize in several sequences (time 1s, 15s, 31s, 50s, 1min 17s, 1min 3s, 2min 1s, 2min 13s) looks like a large male. In the last recording from the night of March 4, there was a couple, and I think these are those two wolves. Near where I recorded them, I also found urine marking of two wolves and traces of heat (blood). So it seems to me that this recorded couple is the parent pair that will be breeding this year.

Jacek Major