28. September 2020|In Wolf protection

Pups in Przysuskie Forests

We have been recording the presence of wolves in the Przysuskie Forests since 2013, but so far, we have not been able to confirm the breeding of wolves in this area. During the winters, we systematically recorded the tracks of wolves (max. 4), and in the summer, adult wolves responded to our howls – in 2014, as many as 3 individuals simultaneously. However, we have never heard pups howling. It was similar this year. During our visits to the Przysuskie Forests, we found scats and tracks, but this year wolves did not respond to our howls. We managed to obtain interesting information from the employees of the State Forests. In July, one of the foresters met 3 pups on one of the forest roads. The pups were also recorded in the photo-trap of the Barycz Forest District. The photo shows for sure 4 pups and two adult wolves. The seventh wolf – lying on the road – may also be a pup. Either way, it looks like the wolf family from Przysuskie Forests is doing well.

Roman Gula and Artur Milanowski