15. July 2020|In Wolf protection

Pups in the Lipie forest complex

We recently wrote about the wolves recorded in the Lipie complex in the note from April 17. On the 4th of July, one of the foresters from the Starachowice Forest District was observing 2 of this year’s pups in these forests. This is the first observation confirming our assumptions that wolves also breed in this forest complex. Unfortunately, on July 11, foresters found a dead pup in a ditch on the busy DW744 road leading from Starachowice to Tychów. She was a female approximately 10 weeks old. The examination demonstrated that she died as a result of extensive damage to the front part of the body, probably as a result of a collision with a car. She weighed 8 kg and was in good shape.

Roman Gula, Artur Milanowski and Jacek Major