11. August 2021In Wolf protection, Wolf Scyzor, Poland

Scyzor is on the move

Scyzor, a young male wolf caught in May this year, was moving around within his home territory in Swietokrzyska Forest in the first month. His locations showed us the breeding site of a wolf family from the Forest, and because of that, we were able to photograph the pups of this family (note from 10th June 2021).

At the end of June, Scyzor set out on a journey. He headed southwest and reached the Koloman Hills. He stayed there for about two weeks, after which he continued in the same direction and entered the Silesian Province area.

For four weeks, he has been in one of the forest complexes of this region, and it seems that his further journey was blocked by road no. 1, the so-called Gierkówka. This is a busy road with 4 lanes, built in the seventies. Unfortunately, there are no crossings for animals.

Roman Gula