2. March 2021|In Wolf protection

The next wolf died on the road

Wolves in the Augustów Primeval Forest change the ranges of their territories. Last year’s winter was stinting on snow, so tracking became impossible. We assessed the distribution and numbers of our wolves based on information only from direct observations, tracks in the sand and the mud, and recordings from photo-traps; thus, the situation was not fully clear. This year, winter turned out to be favorable, and we managed to track all wolf families many times. As the season is not over, we do not have the complete results yet. However, we did note some news. The most interesting fact is that wolves inhabited the areas located in the immediate vicinity of Augustów. Single individuals have been seen near the city for several years, but these were rather rare situations. Currently, these areas are regularly patrolled and marked by a pack of six individuals. Permanent crossing routes and marking places are located just a few hundred meters from the urban development. Unfortunately, it is an area crossed by roads and a railway line. Last week, one of the wolves died in a collision with a car, on the Augustów-Sejny road (road no. 16), near the Silkaty settlement. In a straight line, the wolf was 400 meters away from the apartment block.

Joanna Harmuszkiewicz