15. June 2021|In Wolf protection, Wolf Bartek

What do we know about the wolf Bartek and his new family?

About 2 weeks after birth, Bartek’s pups were relocated to another place, about 1 km away from the first habitat. We suspect that the nearby forestry operations carried out at a distance of about 200 m disturbed the wolf family. Now, the 6-week-old pups are in a new place, where, in addition to milk, they are already eating solid food – meat – brought by their parents.

The SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund team visited a place abandoned by Bartek and his family. It turned out that Bartek and his fiancée did not dig the den but used places under the fallen tree – they enlarged it a bit and lined it with punk wood. In total, there were 4 such places in an area of 100 m2. Artur Milanowski found wolf hair in the lairs, which confirms that the lairs were used by Bartek’s family.

Magda Strzała