4. October 2021In Wolf workshop, Poland

Wolf workshop in the Izerskie Mountains

On September 25th, a field workshop was held in the area of the Izerskie Mountains Peatlands, where participants had the opportunity to learn about the biology and ecology of wolves. The workshop also introduced the research methods used to prepare a plan of protection for Natura 2000 area.

Monika Wołczecka, who conducted the classes, talked about, among others:
– How to recognize tracks left by wolves?
– Why in case of wolves, we talk about family packs?
– Do wolves howl to the moon?
– How to behave when encountering a wolf on the trail?

In response to the number of requests for more workshops – the next wolf walk will be held on November 20th. More information can be found on the Facebook event.

The workshop will be led by Monika Wołczecka – a graduate of the Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Wrocław, who co-created the plan of protection for the Natura 2000 site Izerskie Mountains Peatlands.

Monika Wołczecka