8. July 2020|In Wolf protection

Wolves in the Kozienice Forest

A spokeswoman for RDLP Radom informed us about the presence of wolves in the area of the Forest District of Zwoleń. We contacted the employees of the forest District who recorded the presence of wolves in the Kozienicka Primeval Forest in Uroczysko Miodne (Zwoleń district). The first sighting of a wolf in the local area took place in the fall-winter 2016/2017 season, during a collective hunt in the Motorzyna and Podgóra forest districts. From 2017, single individuals were seen in these forest districts and the Patków forest district. Other traces of their presence (howling, tracks and scats) were also constantly recorded. Foresters have also found wolf prey many times. Most often, those were roe deer and deer, but the prey of these predators was also a moose calf and a domestic dog.
Recently (June 2020), two individuals were found in the Patków forest district (direct observations). One of them was recorded by an employee of the forest district office with a mobile phone. Permanent observations of wolves, the abundance of game and the presence of calm and poorly accessible forest fragments (numerous peat bogs and alder forests) suggest that these predators may already reproduce in the Kozienicka Primeval Forest.

Tomasz Bracik