25. April 2022| Wolf protection, Movies, Poland

A she-wolf from the Ilzecka Forest in the family way!

A pregnant she-wolf from the Ilzec Forest wolf family has been recorded on our photo traps!

Data from our research (Bieszczady, Bory Dolnoslaskie and Swietokrzyskie) show that wolf pups are born in the last days of April/first days of May.

While checking our photo traps in Ilzecka Forest in April, it turned out that a pregnant female from a wolf family living in this area was recorded on two of them. The recording comes from the 23rd of April.

As you can see on the short video, the wolf is in good condition and should give birth soon. The size of her litter will be known in July, when we will try to “talk” with the wolf family by simulating their howling. The cubs are then eager to speak, and their voices are distinctly different from those of adult wolves, so we can determine their approximate number.

Interestingly, wolves in Minnesota, where the winter is much harsher, sometimes give birth much earlier, as early as early April:


Author: Jacek Major