New environmental education center opened in Shakawe

On July 6th, 2018 another milestone was set by SAVE in Botswana. The Botshelo Trust Learning Center, which SAVE financed common with Share for Smiles, was reopened in Shakawe. Six years ago, a fire had completely destroyed the facility and thus deprived many children of a safe place for various educational activities.
The Minister of Education, Arone Bagalatia, appeared at the opening ceremony and praised the important work of SAVE and its great enrichment for the region. Not only children benefited from the projects, but also marginalized population groups in the region, he emphasized.
On behalf of the government, the Minister thanked Lars Gorschlüter, Managing Director of SAVE, for the great work done by the Environmental Foundation in the education sector and assured continued support by his ministry. Tobias Bader and his wife represented the partner organization Share for Smiles.
Numerous families out of the surrounding area also took part in the festivities and enjoyed a colorful program presented by children of the Botshelo playgroup.