23. April 2022| Wolf protection, Movies, Poland

A wolf in Ponidzie

We received information from foresters at the Pińczów Forestry Division that a large male wolf was seen there on March 22 and 23 of this year.

On the 22nd of March the male wolf was seen in the forestry of Góry through binoculars from a distance of 50 m, on a distance of about 400 m. The second time it was seen from a car in Bugaj forestry. The wolf was walking twice along an asphalt road crossing forest complexes.

Last year wolves were seen several times in the Pinczów Forest District. It is possible that it was one and the same individual as observed in March this year, but it is impossible to say that with absolute certainty.

In February 2021 a wolf was seen twice in the Wiślica commune: near Kobylniki (video recording) and near Jurków village. In March the predator was photographed near the forester’s lodge in Rudawa forestry, and in autumn the wolf was also observed in Kazimierza forestry.

Autor: Tomasz Bracik