6. October 2022| Wolf protection, SAVE, Movies, Poland

Autumn meeting of the wolf team

On Saturday, September 24, as we do every year at the beginning of autumn, we held a reunion for members of our wolf monitoring team.

The pleasant meeting was accompanied by conversations on wolf topics and more, as well as an exchange of information and a summary of the year. We had the opportunity to see still hot footage from the photo traps just collected from the area, where, in addition to wolves, we could see, for example, deer and elk taking mud baths. We will publish the first of these soon!

Join us!

We would like to invite committed nature lovers to cooperate and join our team. We are looking for people:
– to help with the ongoing activities of the foundation, to pitch ideas and implement them;
– for corporate fundraising;
– to cooperate in systematic monitoring of wolves in a selected forest complex (in Świętokrzyskie province);

If you want to join us please contact us by email: kontakt@fundacja-save.pl