4. November 2021In Wolf protection, Wolf Bartek, Poland

Bartek and his six pups

In August, we wrote about Bartek and his partner having 6 pups. In early October, we were able to record Bartek’s entire family. All 6 pups survived, and they seem to be in good shape. This proves the good hunting skills of Bartek and the mother of the pups. Feeding such a number of fast-growing pups is not an easy task. Currently, the youngsters can already weigh over 20 kg.

On the night footage, you can see that one of the pups is leading the group. He is being followed by Bartek. One can see that he had some injury – he is not leaning on one of his hind legs. He is followed by 4 pups – they look almost like adult wolves. They are slightly smaller and have less fluffy tails. Behind them goes the female, and at the end, the sixth pup.

A few days later, Bartek appeared on a recording again. This time he was walking alone. You can clearly see the collar and the piece of meat he carries in his mouth for the pups. This time he steps confidently on all his feet – apparently, the injury has healed.

Roman Gula