Bartek's offspring  

As we wrote in a note on 15 June, telemetry locations showed us where Bartek and his fiancée’s pups were born. On Sunday, 15 August, Artur Milanowski managed to get a response to the stimulated howling of Bartek’s pups. Interestingly, only the pups responded, which happened to us for the first time since the beginning of wolf monitoring in the Świętokrzyskie region in 2006. Pups, even much younger, respond to the howling of their parents. You can watch the howling of 5 weeks old pups, recorded by Kasia Bojarska in Bory Dolnoslaskie in the video “Orzechowa and her family” 


Artur “communicated” with the pups for a good half hour – they responded to his howling twice. There were at least four of them. A few days later, we managed to video-trap the pups. There are six of them on one of the video sequences. Bartek and his partner, therefore, have to hunt intensively to feed the rapidly growing wolves.  

Roman Gula