24. September 2020|In Africa, Covid-19

Corona Survival Packages

The Corona pandemic did not stop at Botswana either. It is true that the country is far less affected than others; the low population density prevented a greater spread. Nevertheless, the consequences of the pandemic are hitting the country hard. The measures against the spread of Corona mean that there won’t be any tourists. But tourism is vital for most of the population, especially in the north-east. People work on safari lodges or have created an existence by providing services to tourists.

SAVE recognized the urgency of the situation when the first cases of poaching became known, which were not about ivory or the horn of rhinos, but about the meat of the animals. The so-called bushmeat poaching is considered a clear indicator of hunger. While we usually plan individual technical projects in a very targeted manner and create sustainable educational opportunities, we had to take immediate measures here. We have organized food parcels for families to bridge the difficult period. A package of foods such as corn flour, oil and pasta, as well as some hygiene items, helps a family out for two months. SAVE was able to hand over 300 parcels in June in the village of Nxaraga. The village leader Gaolatlhe Kgosigaenyatswe officially accepted the donation for his village and thanked the local SAVE Wildlife project manager, Wabotlhe Letubo, for this spontaneous support.