Damages by wolves in Podkarpacie in 2020

In the second half of 2020 (July 1 – December 31), there were 96 wolf attacks on farm and domestic animals. This is a 26.7% decrease compared to the second half of 2019 when there were 131 attacks. However, compared to the second half of 2018, it is a decrease of 21.95% (123 attacks). The most frequently attacked by wolves were sheep (65), cattle (11), horses (4), dogs (5), goats (4), and fallow deer and farm deer (12). As every year, wolves attacked dogs more often than our statistics show, but many of the aggrieved persons did not submit any claims to RDOŚ due to the inability to determine the value of not purebred dogs (not purchased in legal breeding).
In total, there were 143 attacks in the entire year 2020, which is a 22.7% decrease compared to 2019 (185) and a 19.2% decrease compared to 2018.

Hubert Fedyń, RDOŚ in Rzeszów