20. February 2023| Wolf protection, SAVE, Poland

Donate 1,5% to the wolves!

Don’t forget about us by filling in your PIT – donate 1.5% of your tax to protect wolves and the natural environment. We can do more thanks to you!

Donate your 1.5% to wolves. Thanks to your support, we will be able to better protect the wolves and their home – the forest.

💚 Our National Court Register (KRS): 0000399896 💚

Thanks to you we will:
– Include more wolves in our monitoring program
– Monitor new areas of forests and protect them better against poachers
– Carry out further research projects important for nature
– Conduct more educational meetings about wolves and environmental protection.

✅ Help us better protect Polish nature!

You can also help us by:
– Buying a collar for the wolf (and choosing a name for the wolf!): https://zrzutka.pl/h24tf2
– Buying a photo-trap (as a thank you, we will send you the first video recorded): https://zrzutka.pl/pb4gpm
– Shopping via https://fanimani.pl/save/ (2.5% of the value of your purchases will go to us!)
– Donation for a selected purpose: https://fundacja-save.pl/en/darowizna/one-time-donation/
– Providing the materials necessary for our daily work, e.g. field clothes, electronic equipment, etc.


We have been operating since 2011. We focus on protecting wolves and minimizing human-animal conflicts. Our activities include research projects carried out jointly at the Polish Academy of Sciences and environmental education for children and adults.

*The picture shows Gagat, one of the wolves we monitor.