29. December 2022| Wolf protection, Poland, Wolf Gagat

Gagat crossed the Sudetes

Wolf from the Świętokrzyskie Mountains in the Sudetes

The Gagat wolf continues its journey to the southwest. After crossing the A4 highway, he reached the foothills of the Sudetes Mountains quite quickly. After a short rest, he continued on through the massif of Śnieżnik and stopped 4 km from its summit, at an altitude of 900 meters.

After a few hours of rest, he crossed the Sudetes and found himself in Moravia, in the catchment area of the Black Sea. Later, he changed direction to a more westerly direction and wandered to the Svitavvskaya Upland. There, in the hills near the town of Ceska Trebova, he stopped for a little longer, presumably to resupply.

It seems that the forests overgrowing these hills abound in animals, and Gagat’s locations indicate that he tried to hunt something there.

* Gagat is a young wolf in the process of dispersal (migration), looking for a place to raise a family. He wears a GPS collar so we can track his steps.

Author: Roman Gula