18. November 2022| Wolf protection, Poland, Wolf Gagat

Gagat crossed the A1 highway

After several days of trekking from his native Świętokrzyska Forest, Gagat reached the A1 highway.

The A1 highway, also known as the Amber Highway, connects northern and southern Poland. It is Poland’s only meridian highway, crossing the ecological corridors of all animals migrating through our country in east-west directions.

The highways and expressways are fenced off, so Gagat had to seek safe passage to the other side. Since the area where he reached the A1 route didn’t happen to have an animal crossing, he headed north in search of one. The search took him a little more than one day, but he finally found the upper crossing in the forests north of Częstochowa.

After crossing the highway, he returned to his previously chosen direction and is now moving further west, toward Namysłów.

Photo source: GDDKiA


Author: Roman Gula