20. October 2022| Wolf monitoring, Poland, Wolf Geralt

Wolf Geralt crosses the Vistula river!

Geralt managed to cross Poland’s largest river during his journey east!

In the course of his wanderings in search of a place to settle down and start a family, the now almost 4-year-old Geralt arrived at the Vistula River near Zawichost.

First he crossed a narrow branch of the river and made his way to a large island, where he rested and perhaps hunted all day. Late in the evening he had already crossed the Vistula – we think he swam a dog ; ) – and proceeded further east.

Where is he heading? Where will he decide to settle? We will keep you updated on the further progress of Geralt’s journey!

* Geralt wears a GPS collar, which our foundation put on him in November 2021, and thanks to which we can now track the route of his wandering.

Author: Roman Gula