14. August 2022| General

Geralt's and Gagat's parents need help?

As we wrote in the note from May 17, the wolf family from which Gagat and Geralt come have eight puppies this year.

So far, Gagat and Geralt have not been involved in raising their younger siblings – Geralt spent most of his time on the Klonowskie Range, on the eastern side of the S7 road, and Gagat in the west on the Kołomańskie Hills.

Unexpectedly, on July 28, the two set off simultaneously from these areas, almost 20 kilometers apart, and met in the evening in the central part of their native forest. We suspected that their meeting place was the rendes-vous of their family. To check it, we drove over to this place and howled. The whole family with puppies answered us!

What was the purpose of this perfectly harmonized meeting of Geralt and Gagat with the family? Dinner party? Or maybe parents need help in raising fast-growing puppies? Satisfying the hunger of such a cluster is no easy task!


Author: Roman Gula