9. September 2021In Wolf protection, Poland

How many wolves are left in Bartek and Scyzor's family?  

Bartek and Scyzor, the wolves we caught over the past year, come from a wolf family in the Swietokrzyskie Forest. Bartek left his family in January and is currently raising four pups in the Nieklańskie Forest. Scyzor has wandered much further – he is now in the Silesian Voivodeship, near Czestochowa.   

The family from Puszcza Swietokrzyska also has 3 or 4 pups – we wrote about it in our note of 23 July. How many adult wolves are left in the Swietokrzyska Forest? In winter, after Bartek left his family, there were 8 wolves. After Scyzor left, there should be 7.   

In the last weeks, we managed to record wolves from this family several times. There were up to four adults together. Interestingly, one of the adult wolves was carrying a piece of meat in its mouth for the growing pups – you can see this at 1 min 37 sec of the video. This is one of the ways wolves deliver food to their offspring. Kasia Bojarska wrote about transporting food in the stomach (“Wolf dinner with home delivery”) – she managed to record the moment of vomiting food for pups.  

Soon, young wolves will run together with the adults and will feed on the spot where the prey was killed; their tracks and appearance will become difficult to distinguish from adult wolves. 

Roman Gula