20. February 2020|In Wolf protection

Jaga didn’t manage

On February 13, we found a dead young she-wolf, Jaga, which was caught and provided with a transmitter on January 12. During this period, the she-wolf was wandering on the area of about 80 km2, in the northern part of the Świętokrzyska Forest, in the Suchedniów Forest District. Due to the lack of snow cover, we were unsure whether the she-wolf was alone or roamed with the wolves of the family living in the forest. On two occasions, we found scats near her location, the size of which indicated it was not Yaga’s. In one case, near the location of Jaga, we found traces of three wolves imprinted in the snow, but the conditions made it impossible to track wolves on a longer distance. Since February 4, the she-wolf stopped moving in a large area and remained in a small area of the Świnia Góra forestry. Concerned by this fact, we entered this place on February 9th. We saw her running away from the lair under the spruce trees. However, she did not go far. On January 13, we found her dead about 500 meters from this lair.
A closer inspection revealed that Jaga was about 12 months old. At the time of catch, she weighed little, 20.2 kg, and at post-mortem inspection only 15.3 kg. The digestive tract was filled with boar hair. She had no gunshot wounds or other bodily injuries indicative of an unnatural cause of death. The likely cause of death was extreme starvation.

Roman Gula