Menu of vlk Gagat in the Czech Republic

Two months ago, Gagat reached the Ždiar Mountains in central Bohemia and apparently decided to stay there for longer.

Our Czech colleagues from Hnutí DUHA Šelma, which monitors wolves, have already checked Gagat’s location several times. The snow cover also made it possible to track our Polish-Czech wolf, or rather vlk.

It turned out that Gagat is still alone. Despite this, it successfully hunts deer. Trackers from Hnutí DUHA found the remains of 6 roe deer, which Gagat ate and probably hunted. In the Świętokrzyska Forest, Gagat also most often hunted roe deer.

Thanks to Hnutí DUHA Šelmy and Miroslav Kutal, Milan Štaubert, Barbora Gajdárová, Michal Daněk, Petr Mückstein, Jan Kuchynka, Václav Hlaváč.

*Gagat is a young wolf in the process of dispersion (migration) looking for a wife and a place to set up a home. He wears a GPS collar that allows us to track his steps.

The Gagat’s collar was funded on the initiative of the Suchedniów Forest Inspectorate and the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Radom by the following forest districts: Barycz, Daleszyce, Kielce, Skarżysko, Starachowice, Stąporków and Suchedniów.

Photo: Petr Mückstein

Author: Roman Gula