Results of a study on wolf resting site selection

In Forest Ecology and Management, we published the results of a study conducted by the SAVE Fund team in the Bory Dolnoslaskie region.
The authors of the paper analyzed the winter selection of resting sites by wolves in a commercial pine forest, to test if roads, settlements and forest type influence this choice both during the day and at night.

What sites do wolves select most often?
– At the landscape scale, wolves chose resting sites located away from settlements and high-traffic roads (public roads and major forest roads).
– Wolves avoided not only public roads but also forest roads, even those with low traffic. Low visibility of the resting site was also an important factor in site selection.
– During the day, wolves rested in thickets and forests with understorey, while at night they chose more open habitats.

The study was funded by SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund and Polish Academy of Sciences. More information about research supported by our Foundation can be found at:

Magda Strzała

Wolf in a forest