14. June 2019|In Africa, Educational work

SAVE gets Support from UNICEF for Early Childhood Environmental Education

The aim of SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund’s Early Childhood Environmental Education Programme is to encourage children in Botswana to care for nature and the environment at an early age.

Botswana is a country still rich in wildlife; however, several species are endangered – either because they are hunted by humans, or because their natural habitat is shrinking, also a result of human destruction of the environment. Early environmental education aims at instilling in children a love for nature and an understanding of the importance of protecting wildlife and endangered species. Our hope is that in the long term, this will help to ensure that humans and wild life can co-exist peacefully.

SAVE is currently conducting a pilot project on early childhood environmental education in 17 villages in Botswana. 40 teachers are engaged in the programme. This year (2019), up to 6,000 children aged 3 to 5 years will participate in the “SAVE Playgroup” programme. This even includes children under the age of 3 years among the target group. These toddler groups will receive additional care in all 17 SAVE pilot villages. Support for the project has also come from UNICEF, who funded a special workshop.

Formal school education plays an equally important role. Literacy measures are being put in place to prevent children from dropping out of school at an early age. A school leaving certificate not only improves a child’s personal prospects of development but also secures the long-term economic development of the country. SAVE also supports health awareness projects. Here too, environmental education plays an important role. For example, children learn how important clean water is or how harmful improper waste management is for their health. Regular teacher training sessions and exchanges of knowledge with the participating villages ensures the quality and sustainability of the project.

Become a Sponsor! Adopt a Playgroup.

Would you like to support future conservationists and SAVE’s environmental education projects? Then why not adopt a village playgroup? A donation of 2.500€ ensures that nearly 70 children will have the opportunity to participate in an environmental education project for a whole year.

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