26. October 2021In Wolf protection, Wolf Scyzor, Poland

Scyzor found a crossing on an A1 freeway

In August, we wrote about Scyzor’s wanders to the southwest. He was stopped by road no 91, the so-called Gierkówka. In mid-August, we visited the forest complex where he stayed for over two months. The Gierkówka, which is intersecting this forest complex, seemed difficult to cross. There are two lanes in each direction, separated by a metal crash barrier; additionally, there are wide, deforested and mowed lanes on the sides. Fortunately, the traffic is not too intense anymore – most of the cars have moved to the A1 highway, 7 km to the west.

Scyzor has approached Gierkówka many times, but he was afraid to cross it. One of the locations received from his GPS collar was exactly from the traffic island between the roadways. Fortunately, or rather thanks to his parents’ intelligence and good education, he always tried to cross the roadway in the middle of the night. He finally made a decision and crossed the Gierkówka for the first time on the night of September 11-12. He quickly reached the A1 freeway, but despite staying between the two roads for several days, he failed to find the two existing lower crossings under the A1 in this area.

The woods between Gierkówka and A1 were very fragmented and probably did not appeal to Scyzor – the wolf returned to the eastern side of Gierkówka. During the next weeks, he crossed it several times in both directions, but he did not find the A1 crossing and returned. Finally, on 16th October, he headed more south, passed through agricultural areas and came to a large forest complex stretching far west of the A1. At this point, after 3 days, he managed to find a passage and cross over the A1, but he quickly retreated and returned to its eastern side. Later, he went to the west side of the freeway several more times but always came back. We will see what he will do in the coming days – the road to the west is open to him.

Roman Gula