31. January 2023| Wolf protection, Movies, Poland, Wolf Trip

Trip - three-legged wolf

The further fate of the three-legged wolf – how is he doing?

Some time ago we wrote about a wolf without a left hind paw, registered on a trail-camera in the Niekłańskie Forests, on the border of the Przysucha and Stąporków forest districts. We managed to film it again.

Looks like Trip is doing quite well! In daylight, you can clearly see that he has managed to grow a beautiful winter coat. He does not look emaciated, and he moves so efficiently that at first glance it is difficult to notice that he is missing a foot.

Trip belongs to the family of Bartek, a wolf who founded this family 2,5 years ago. He probably lost his foot as a result of being shot or falling into a snare or a poaching trap. Let’s hope that in the future Trip and his family will have better luck and will not suffer any more from the actions of poachers.

Author: Roman Gula