12. February 2023| Wolf protection, Poland, Wolf Geralt

Where is Geralt?

Unfortunately, we don’t have good news. Wolf Geralt is missing, his GPS collar has stopped transmitting data.

We’re concerned that the recently intensified campaign against wolves and articles about them published in the media, full of hypocrisy, may have begun to take their toll.

The latest data sent by Geralt came from the Mircze Forest District, located near Poland’s eastern border. A few days ago, we received a video from that area showing a wolf possibly wearing a collar. Is it Geralt?

Today we are starting a search in the area, including with the help of a telemetry antenna. Keep your fingers crossed that Geralt is found safe and sound!

If anyone has any information about the wolf seen in the Tomaszów Lubelski – Zamość – Mircze – Hrebenne area, especially if he was wearing a collar, or knows what happened to Geralt – please contact us.

Author: Joanna