11. January 2023| Wolf protection, Poland, Wolf Gagat

Wolf Gagat visits the Czech Republic

After leaving Prague, Gagat turned east. He walked along the large road E67 for some time, but decided not to cross it and rather quickly changed direction to the south.

After three days, Gagat found a trail that took him to Prague, thus closing the loop.

Over the next three days, he followed his tracks almost 90 km to the east. Then, for some unknown reason, he turned around and followed the old trail again, west. It stopped only in the Žďárské vrchy, whose highest peaks rise to more than 800 meters.

In the forests covering these mountains, Gagat certainly has something to hunt – the locations indicate that he has tried at least a few times. However, the most important thing for Gagat is whether there are wolves, or rather she-wolves!

Author: Roman Gula