Wolf Geralt

On 16th of November, we managed to catch a fourth wolf in the Swietokrzyskie Forest. 

The wolf Geralt is a year and a half old male weighing 34 kg. After sedating and releasing Geralt from the trap, we provided him with a telemetry collar. The wolf awoke from anesthesia after 35 minutes. On the same day, he moved 2.5 km away from the catching site and rested for several hours. During the night, he started to move again and passed near the rendezvous point of a wolf family from the Swietokrzyska Forest. Everything indicates that this is a descendant of that pack from the last year. We expect that, like Bartek and Scyzor, he will soon leave his family, which now has at least 8 wolves with pups (note from September 9).

The purchase of the telemetry collar was possible because of a donation from the VanityStyle company, whom we would like to thank for their support! VanityStyle employees also helped us in choosing a name for the wolf.

Author: Roman Gula


Video from catching wolf Geralt: