The weekend of September 23-24 saw a two-day meeting of people involved in wolf monitoring and conservation. In addition to members of our foundation came wolf specialists from Wielkopolska, Mazovia, Bieszczady, Sudetes, representatives of the associations “Z Szarym za Płotem” (“With the Gray Behind the Fence”) and “Ostoja” and the Świętokrzyskie National Park.

The first part of the meeting took place in the hall of the Miejskie Centrum Kultury (Municipal Cultural Center) in Skarżysko-Kamienna, where participants were able to get to know each other and give presentations they had prepared. For 4 hours we had the opportunity to learn a lot of interesting things about the observation of wolves in various regions of Poland and learn about the methods of carrying out protective, educational activities and counteracting anti-wolf propaganda.

Expedition to the Forest

In the evening, the participants of the meeting went to the nearby Świętokrzyska Forest to stimulate howling, and then to an integration campfire, during which discussions heated up on a variety of topics, from ideas on effective protection of wolf breeding sites and their habitats, through the exchange of monitoring experience to technical aspects of the equipment used.

The next day, the participants went on a several-hour walk through the most interesting corners of the Forest. Through the Dalejów Nature Reserve and areas with the most primeval character, the tour headed towards the place where wolf pups were born a year ago. Under the canopy of old trees, the guide – Roman Gula – talked about the history of the area, its natural values and the wolves that our foundation has been observing and studying here for more than a dozen years.

Goal – integration and cooperation

The meeting was held in a very positive and warm atmosphere. Its purpose was to integrate researchers and lovers of wolves, to exchange information and experience, and above all to get to know each other better and make new valuable friends. In our opinion, only through cooperation will it be possible to effectively protect nature and bring about lasting, better changes in its management. We hope that meetings under the banner of wolf rendez-vous will become a permanent and annual part of the lives of those involved in wolf monitoring and research, and will enable us to work together on a larger scale, with better and more lasting results.

Thanks to all the participants for coming and for the super interesting presentations! And to the Suchedniów Forest District for providing a picnic shelter for hosting a bonfire.