Geralt and Gagat - the brothers' journey

For over 4 weeks we have been following the steps of Gagat, a young wolf collared by us in the first half of April. Soon after being caught, Gagat roamed the whole Świętokrzyska Forest.

When we compared the routes of him and Geralt, a male wolf from the same family captured last November, it became clear to us that they both enjoy spending time in each other’s company. They often rest in the same place and then explore the territory separately, meeting up every so often.

One day Geralt and Gagat wandered together for several hours, then separated, only to meet again a few hours later.

It seems that although both males already want to leave their family and start their own, they still enjoy spending time with each other and their other relatives willingly and often.

Author: Joanna Toczydłowska