A wolf family in the Daleszyckie Forest

During summer and autumn, we again managed to confirm the presence of the wolf family in the Daleszyckie Forest.

We were noting wolf tracks, their droppings, and prey remains in the field. On several occasions, I was able to record wolves using photo traps installed in the area. We filmed the activity of a wolf family consisting of 8 individuals – a parental pair, a young wolf (perhaps the offspring of the same couple from the previous year) and 5 six-month-old pups. The predators were active in front of the camera both during the day and at night. The largest recorded group consisted of 6 individuals (5 pups and 1 adult), and the pups were the most frequently recorded. We were also able to record many social behaviors of the predators, such as playing, resting, begging for food, returning food, as well as wolf noises – barking, whining and squealing. You can watch these behaviors in the video edited from footage taken between July 29 and September 29.

We have been monitoring wolves in the Daleszyckie Forest since 2018, and the footage was recorded near where the wolves were breeding in 2019.

Author: Tomasz Bracik