17. April 2020|In Wolf protection

Wolves in the forests between Skarżysko and Starachowice

The Lipie forest complex is an area located between Skarżysko and Starachowice, west of the national road No. 9. We have been recording the presence of wolves in these forests for several years. These were tracks, scats and observations – a maximum of 3 wolves. The forest services also confirmed the permanent presence of wolves in the area. This year, for the first time, we were able to register two wolves from the family inhabiting this forest complex. There were two wolves and one individual that quickly ran in front of the photo-trap. In the slow-motion video, you can see how effectively he moves with the extended trot, practically not changing the position of the center of gravity. In such a trot, wolves reach the speed of 9-12 km/h, which they can maintain for a long time. Thanks to such an energy-efficient way of moving, wolves can patrol vast territories (100-300 km2) and migrate over long distances (even over 1000 km).

Jacek Major