11. August 2020|In Wolf protection

Young wolves in the Augustów Primeval Forest

Similarly to last year, we confirmed the presence of three wolf packs rearing pups in the Augustów Forest District. The “Tajno” pack occupies an area outside the dense complex of the Augustów Primeval Forest, on its southwest edge, and part of its area is located in the Biebrza National Park. This group, along with three pups about three months old, was observed at the end of July. The family tried unsuccessfully to hunt a deer – a goat. The “Klonowo” pack, occupying the territory in the south-western part of the Forest, is exceptionally secretive this year and can be rarely observed. Nevertheless, we managed to spot two young wolves. However, most information was gathered about the young members of the “Augustów” pack. We have been encountering them in the central part of the Forest for several weeks. We managed to capture them in photo-traps, while playing, drinking water, and even howling. Usually, five pups were registered, but it turned out that there were six of them. In the other parts of the Augustów Primeval Forest, so far, we have managed to confirm pups in further two wolf packs.

Joanna Harmuszkiewicz