13. April 2022| Wolf protection, Poland

A dead wolf in the Lublin region

On Sunday April 10th we received a report about a dead wolf in the Lublin district, in the forest surrounding Lipinki, near the national road number 63 between Wisznice and Slawatycze.

We arrived at the scene around 4 p.m. The police were already waiting for us and conducted a preliminary examination of the scene – killing a wolf is a crime punishable by imprisonment of up to 5 years. The police were called by Grzegorz Wegier, a naturalist who came across the carcass while walking in the woods looking for deer antler drop. Members of the association “Z szarym za płotem” (“With the gray behind the fence”), which associates wolf lovers and works actively for wolve’s protection, was also present at the scene.

The dead wolf lying under the trees turned out to be a large male bass, weighing about 40 kg. The bullet hole in its side was clearly visible. Advanced signs of decomposition indicated that the animal had died at least a week earlier. Despite suspicions that the fatal shot may have come from a pulpit 250 meters away, evidence indicated that the wolf was shot at close range not far from where it fell.

The wolf was turned over to us for further examination. We transported it to the eMwet veterinary clinic at Brzezie 28, where veterinarian Marcin Mandziak performed a detailed necropsy. The examination revealed that the wolf’s cause of death was undoubtedly a gunshot wound to the lungs. The wolf died practically immediately after being shot.

This is another case of poaching of a legally protected species. If anyone has any information that may help us find the perpetrator of this crime, please contact us or the Police Station in Wisznice: 47 814 62 10.

We would like to thank the veterinary clinic eMwet for support:

Author: JT