22. February 2023| Wolf protection, Poland

A hit wolf near the Świętokrzyski National Park

On February 21, employees of the Świętokrzyski National Park informed us about finding a wolf hit by a car on road 752 between Podgórze and Święta Katarzyna.

We quickly informed our cooperating veterinarian Marcin Mandziak about the incident, and he immediately went to the place.

After putting the still conscious wolf to sleep, Marcin took the wolf to veterinarian Augustyn Blicharz’s office in Starachowice for examination. It turned out that the wolf, a two-year-old male, suffered extensive injuries to internal organs, had a broken leg and lumbar spine. After consultations, it was decided that the animal should be euthanized.

Wolves are regularly observed in the eastern part of the ŚNP. Among others, one of our collared wolves – Geralt – stayed there for several weeks. Unfortunately, road 752, which divides the Park into two parts, is quite busy and on its section running through the forest, collisions with animals often occur.

Need for a wildlife crossing?

It seems that in the future a crossing for animals should be built on the section between Przewóz and Święta Katarzyna, which runs through the ŚNP. This would not only avoid collisions with animals, but would ensure the biological continuity of the population of large mammals inhabiting the eastern (Łysogóry) and western (Klonowskie Range) part of the ŚNP.

We would like to thank the Emwet Marcin Mandziak Veterinary Clinic and the Augustyn Blicharz Cztery Łapy Veterinary Clinic for quick, joint intervention and reducing the wolf’s suffering.

Photos: Świętokrzyski National Park

Text author: Roman Gula