A new place for wolf meetings in the Daleszyce Forests

This fall, we managed to find a new meeting place (the so-called rendez-vous) of a family group of wolves from the Daleszyce Forest, which currently has 11 individuals.

The new rendez-vous is located in old pine trees adjacent to mid-forest swamps. It is located approximately 1.5 km in a straight line from the previous year’s meeting place. On site, we found 4 fresh lairs with wolf hair, a lot of wolf droppings (over 30), scratching (characteristic of wolves marking the area), a gnawed leg of a deer and single “wolf toys” in the form of e.g. bottles with traces of wolf teeth.

Both this year’s rendez-vous and the one from last winter have similar features. They are located in old pine trees, without a high undergrowth, thanks to which wolves have good visibility of the nearest area. They also include dry parts of the forest where wolves can rest in lairs. Both rendez-vous also adjoin wet alder forests and reeds where wolves can quickly take refuge in case of danger.

An interesting fact is that the current meeting place is located in the immediate vicinity of a used forest road, on both sides of it.

Authors: Tomasz Bracik, Mariusz Wlazło