About wolves in Mircze

During our visit to lubelskie, we conducted 2 meetings about wolves for the inhabitants of Mircze and the surrounding area.

During the first meeting, to which local schools were invited, we tried to familiarize students with the world of the wolves and answer any questions they were interested in. There was also a demonstration of howling and other techniques used by us while monitoring wolves.

At the second meeting, which was also attended by employees of the Mircze Forest Inspectorate, we focused a bit more on issues related to our research and the story of Geralt, a wolf wearing our GPS collar, who disappeared shortly after arriving in the nearby forests . We hope that thanks to the support of local residents and foresters, we will be able to solve the mystery of his disappearance!

We would like to thank Gminny Ośrodek Kultury (the Municipal Cultural Center) in Mircze for organizing meetings and providing the room.