By symbolically adopting one of the wolves we have included in our program, you help us better protect and learn about these remarkable animals. Thanks to you, we can do more!


We use modern tools to ensure sustainable and peaceful coexistence between wolves and humans.

wilki - badania naukowe


We conduct scientific research to bring us closer to a better understanding of wolves and their needs.


We present facts and dispel myths about wolves, aiming to improve the public image of these animals.

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Support our wolf conservation project

Adopt a wolf!

With a symbolic adoption, based on cyclical monthly support of our activities, you help us better protect Gagat and the other wolves in his family. Certificate: We will send a symbolic digital certificate of adoption to everyone who decides to support us regularly with an amount of PLN 25 or more.

Adopt a wolf



Thanks to you we will pay for:

Maintenance costs

We will pay the monthly bills associated with the maintenance of the foundation and equipment.

Scientific research

We will collect and study more samples for our scientific research.


We will buy more photo traps to extend monitoring to a larger area of the forest.

GPS collars

We will buy new telemetry collars to include more wolves in our program.


We will hold more educational meetings about wolves and conservation.


We will purchase the fuel we need for daily monitoring of the wolves.

Meet our wolves wearing GPS collars:


Adopt a wolf in the name of your loved one!

You will receive a named adoption certificate from us by email (within a maximum of two business days) to forward it to the person of your choice or to print it out and hand it in person.

The wolf is an important part of nature and a true guardian of our forests. Unfortunately, it still falls prey to man – it is illegally killed, stigmatized, and its habitat is shrinking.


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