Breakfast at Bartek's family

What is the wolf family from the Niekłańskie Forests doing? A few weeks ago, when it snowed a bit, we were able to track it down.

We followed the trail of 5 wolves! We quickly came across remnants of their meal. The wolves hunted and ate the deer, of which all that was left was the stomach and some hair. After breakfast, the wolves intensively marked the area.

The family, founded 2 years ago by our collared Bartek, includes, among others, Trip, a three-legged wolf, which we recently wrote about – link. Trip’s tracks stood out among the wolf paw prints we found – the trace of Trip’s only surviving hind leg never, even when the wolf was trotting, overlapped (as in 4-legged wolves) the track of the fore paw.

Author: Roman Gula