13. January 2023| Wolf protection, Poland, Wolf Gagat

Gagat did not pass over A4, but... under!

A few days ago we had the opportunity to check how Gagat managed to overcome the A4 motorway. We went to the Opolskie Voivodeship and followed the route of our Świętokrzyskie wolf.

Gagat was looking for a passage on a very long, 87-kilometre section of the A4 from Wrocław to Opole. In large part, these are agricultural areas, with a small forest complex south-west of Opole.

There are several passages for large animals throughout this stretch, but Gagat was unlucky and did not find them. It was very close to some of them, for example to the upper passage near Ochodze. As you can see in the photos (below), this crossing is a kind of highway over highway, for roe deer, wild boar and red deer.

Gagat also camped for quite a long time 1200 meters from the overpass near the village of Rzędziwojowice. Here, access to the passage was blocked by large fish ponds.

After these failures, the young wolf headed north-west and reached as far as Wrocław. He found the passage only on his way back, near Przylesie. For several hours he camped in the bushes along the Przyleski Stream, and then between 10:00 pm and 12:00 pm, wandering along the stream, he crossed the A4 culvert through which the stream flows under the motorway. An hour later he was 7 km away. He must have run faster to dry off!

Author: Roman Gula